Client Service Adjustments in Response the Coronavirus (COVID-19)

April 17 Update on Time Sensitive Economic Stimulus Matters
Economic Impact Stimulus Payments
While many taxpayers have received their payments already, numerous others haven’t received their payments and others have received payments in incorrect amounts. The IRS has a website where you can check status ( and/or update your banking information. However, there are still many issues being worked out and a lot of taxpayers are receiving a message that their payment can’t be verified. The IRS is working to rectify this situation, but at present, unfortunately, there is not a way to get an updated status or to correct amounts and/or information if you’re not able to access the system. As of now, all we can recommend is to continue to check back daily.
Tax Refunds
The IRS website used to check refund status is still active.  It appears that processing times for refunds have slowed, but within a couple of days of your return being filed and accepted, you should be able to check the status.
SBA Loan Programs
On Thursday, April 16, the SBA announced that they would no longer be accepting applications for the Disaster Loan and PPP programs, due to appropriations funding having already run out. We still encourage clients to work with your banks to prepare your applications, if you haven’t already done so. Additionally, while there seems to be bipartisan support to increase the funding for these programs, it has to date been held up by the political process. Our suggestion again, is to continue moving forward with these programs so that you’re ready and in queue when additional funding is authorized. Additionally, contacting your Senators ( and Representatives ( is encouraged to help put pressure to our government leaders to provide the relief that is currently needed.
Unemployment Benefits
Whether you’re self-employed and not able to work (or are operating at a reduced capacity) or are an employee who has been furloughed/laid off/had hours reduced, unemployment benefits from your state of work may be available. Additionally, the Federal government is adding additional funds to the state payments. We are still awaiting guidance from the Dept of Labor on how reduced income and self-employment income benefits will be calculated, it may be in your interest to begin applying for benefits if you have been impacted. The process in many states has been slowed due to the high demand, but getting started in the process as soon as possible will hopefully help you to be prepared when the funds begin to flow.
Tax Deadlines
Federal tax deadlines have been extended and both returns and payments (for 2019 balances due and 2020 estimated payments) have been moved to July 15. We continue to work through returns to get these processed for you in order to file. State deadlines have also moved in many cases, though not all states have moved filing and/or payment deadlines. Guidance on state updates can be found here: We keep these deadlines in mind as we work to prioritize the timing of filing returns for our clients.



In light of the state of emergency across the country as it relates to the Coronavirus (COVID-19), we wanted to inform our clients about our safety precautions and measures, as well as to be your resource for all of the tax-related announcements that are continuing to develop both at the Federal & state levels.

First of all, given the gravity of the situation, we are further moving to a virtual preparation model.  Luckily, we have been out front of this epidemic in offering virtual services to our clients for a number of years.  We already have remote working arrangements and technology to allow secure exchange of data.  At this time, we are no longer allowing for any in-person appointments, and while we will accept mailing of physical documents for the time being, we are encouraging the use of electronic data exchange (both your sending of supporting documents and our delivery of electronic copies of your returns and electronic signature for filing).  Our Client Portal will be the main resource for these data exchanges.
Secondly, as you have probably seen in the news, there has been movement from the Treasury Department and IRS, as well as from many states, to extend deadlines for filing of returns and payment of any balances due.  At present, our understanding is that while there is not yet an extension of due dates, we still have the option to file automatic extension of all tax returns (to September 15 for small pass-through businesses and October 15 for individual and corporate returns), and the IRS announced a 90-day extension of time to pay any balances due.  Certain states have also already announced similar arrangements and we expect many more to follow.
Despite the announcement of these delays, we continue to work diligently to meet the filing deadlines for our clients, and would encourage you to continue working to prepare your information to provide to us.  We realize the constraints that the details of the pandemic are causing – our staff is also impacted by the reality of children at home, etc – and we hope that you will be understanding of some of the restrictions that we have placed upon us, as well.  We are also aware of the potential for delays in processing of refunds once returns are filed, though to date there have been no such announcements.
Lastly, we wanted to provide you with some information as to the resources available to you as our clients.  As mentioned, our Client Portal will be the main resource for document exchange.  Should you have any issues with access, please contact Megan directly (  We also have technology in place to host remote meetings – video-conferences, conference call lines, and direct phone calls – links to this information is below.  And, we expect that there will be further developments as it relates to the impact of the pandemic and the deadlines, and while we’ll continue to provide updates on the website and via email, for the most timely information, please consider following our social media pages (links below) for the most timely communication.
Again, we appreciate your patience as we work through all of this along with you.
Best Regards and please stay safe,
Aaron L Peters, CPA
Managing Partner & President
Client Portal: – here you will have access to the shared folders for your documents as well as copies of your tax returns (including prior years). Also note that if you do not remember your password, you can reset it from this webpage. Files can also be directly uploaded to us here, but note that until we have an opportunity to access and move these files to your individual web folder, you will not be able to access documents uploaded through this link.
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